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Founded in 2001 to provide a high quality asbestos removal service.

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The company established a reputation throughout the U.K undertaking contracts for several local authorities and major companies. Dedicated teams of industry specialists are continually working to specific and often tight deadlines to ensure that the client is fully satisfied with the standard of work carried out. The company’s success was, and remains attributable to a firm committment to quality.

The company’s management has 40¬†years experience within the industry and has decided to utilize the skills and experience of the workforce to offer a wider range of services to its clients. Toolbase Environmental Ltd now provides, in addition to its traditional asbestos removal service, other services including reinstatement, surveys, site management and general maintenance.

Our Workforce our trained to the Health and Safety Executive Regulation 4 of the Asbestos Licensing Regulations 1983 and we are ISO 9002 Accredited.

We are also members of the ACAD (Asbestos Control and Abatement Division) who provide technical and legislative support to the asbestos removal industry.



Toolbase environmental Ltd specialises in all aspects of Asbestos Management

We service a wide range of clients in many industries, providing our clients with a service that is efficient and of high quality, whilst protecting the clients legal obligations under the latest legislation governing asbestos.

Asbestos Removal | Abatement

Different types of Asbestos will require different treatment depending on how likely it is that fibres can break off from a material into the air. If it is the best course of action we will completely remove any materials from the site containing Asbestos. In certain cases the material can be encapsulated to prevent it from harming individuals.


Whether you have had an Asbestos survey yet or not we can talk you through the process about what will be involved and possible actions that may have be taken depending on what is found on the premises. Your requirements and needs will be discussed and this will help develop the surveying and sampling processes.

Asbestos Sampling

For determining the class of Asbestos or hazardous material we will conduct sampling on any material found present on the site. This is necessary to create a plan of action and to best advise you on how to proceed forward with the removal and management of the materials found on the site.


Removal is not the only means of asbestos abatement. Asbestos and asbestos-bearing materials may be “enclosed” or “encapsulated” to prevent building occupants from being exposed to airborne Asbestos particles. This method can provide less disruption to the day to day running of a building.

Asbestos Disposal | Treatment

We will dispose of any Asbestos found as safely and completely as possible to ensure the health of the occupants. Asbestos needs to be removed by trained professionals as if a material containing Asbestos is disturbed improperly it can release fibres into the air which can damage the health of unprotected individuals.

Asbestos Surveys

Our asbestos surveys will give a detailed report on the asbestos on the premises. This will include information such as the kind of material, its condition, location of the material and the risk to the users of the premises. The survey will also give you recommendations towards necessary actions and management of the Asbestos.


I recently had my shed removed by this company. I was very pleased with the service, I was concerned regarding the fact it was asbestos but they talked me through everything and put my mind at rest. Very professional and did a great job. Highly recommend.

Orla W

Home Owner

I can confirm we have used the services of Toolbase environmental Ltd since 2010.In that time we have always found Toolbase reliable, competitive and professional.The highly skilled directly employed workforce and management have always been very approachable and professional working within our empty and tenanted properties.Toolbase consistently deliver a good quality job within agreed time scales and budget and sometimes within short notice that includes emergency reactive works.

Through my past experience with Toolbase we have always experienced a highly professional service and we would be more than happy to recommend.

J F Organ

JNPS and P F Clark construction

I confirm that I have employed Toolbase Environmental Ltd. since 2006, during which time they have provided my authority with excellent support in all aspects of licensed asbestos removal contracts in a large portfolio of corporate buildings and school premises.

I can confidently recommend Toolbase Environmental Ltd. as a solid, resourceful, extremely professional Company, and experts in their field. All asbestos operatives are directly employed and dedicated supervisory staff are in permanent attendance on all contracts.

Roger M.J.Sharpe

Asbestos Engineer, Directorate of Place-Building Services

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